The sound of the gong is mysterious and otherworldly. The dynamic range of these glorious instruments can begin with a mere whisper and end with a thunderous roar. They are one of the oldest musical instruments and have been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures in ceremonies as well as for entertainment in music and dance.


Having collected gongs and other sonic metals for many years, Bill  performs solo concerts featuring these instruments and drawing on influences in Indonesian Gamelan music as well as other Asian cultures that prominently featured  gongs in their music and rituals.


Bill also began to study the effects of gongs and singing bowls on the human body in terms of their healing properties. The sound frequencies from gongs have the profound ability to alter and change brainwave states with beneficial results. Bill regularly conducts sound immersion events during which participants sit or lie down while the vibrations of gongs and bells wash over them, creating a tranquil state of mind and relaxation.


In 2011 Bill recorded a solo CD of gong music entitled "Music for Gongs, Bells and Singing Bowls." It is available through this website. Just go to the "Store" tab and click "Buy Now."




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