Bill is a drummer/percussionist whose lifetime passion with sound and rhythm has taken him on an extraordinary musical journey. He has performed in an eclectic array of ensembles playing rock, jazz, blues, Celtic, and avant-garde music. 


In 2001 Bill began to experiment with improvisations and compositions on gongs, singing bowls and other metal percussion instruments. These explorations eventually led to the recording of his first solo CD in 2011 entitled "Music for Gongs, Bells and Singing Bowls.


Outside of freelance work with local and regional musicians Bill performs as a solo percussionist creating soundscapes with a variety of instruments from around the globe. His sessions using gongs for meditation and mindfulness have been well received at local yoga and wellness centers throughout the Southeast.





"The effect of the gong bath on the audience, is of palpable serenity."


-Brian Clarey (Editor in chief at Triad City Beat Newspaper)

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